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GfK UK is a market research company.  We carry out daily Television and Radio Surveys for major media organisations. In our surveys you can express your opinion about the television programmes you watch and the radio you listen to. By participating, your opinions can help to shape British broadcasting!

Each day you can rate the television programmes you watched the day before, giving rating scores (on a scale of 1-10) to those programmes you watched for at least 5 minutes. In this way you can let the television channels know what you think of their programmes, information that is used in deciding what programmes will be broadcast in the future. You can open the survey from your personal page.


We run a Weekly Prize Draw and have a Points Prize Draw where there is a catalogue of prizes available. In both draws respondents, can win from a great selection of prizes including vouchers, gadgets and experiences.

You are free to complete as many surveys as you wish. However, the more surveys you complete the more points you will be rewarded with and the greater the prizes.

Based on how many surveys you complete a week; you will receive automatic entry into either the bronze, silver of gold tier of the weekly prize draw. You will also receive points for each survey you complete which can be accumulated and then spent on your choice of the catalogue prizes available in the Points Prize Draw.

The number of surveys you complete in a week determines which of the Weekly Prize Draw tiers you will be entered into at the end of the week: 

  • 1 to 2 surveys = Bronze
  • 3 to 4 surveys = Silver
  • 5 to 7 surveys = Gold.   

Every survey you complete also earns you points which can be spent towards a catalogue of great prizes in the Points Prize Draw:

  • Each TV survey = 200 points
  • Each Radio survey = 100 points
  • Per ‘5 Mins’ survey = 400 points

The weekly Prize Draws will take place every Monday, or in the case of bank holidays on the Tuesday after. Each catalogue prize in the Points Prize Draw will have a different closing date which will be clearly stated. Generally, all winners are contacted by email within no more than 5 working days of the results being drawn.

If you think you haven’t received a Reward Code that you were meant to, or you’ve accidentally lost or deleted a Reward Code, please feel free to contact our Helpdesk!

Please refer to this document for full prize terms and conditions.


Each day's surveys are available between the hours of 6AM and 12AM only.

If you record a programme and watch or listen to it within the period that the daily survey covers (i.e. the same evening or next morning) then we would be very happy to hear your views on it.

In addition to the programmes that you have watched or listened to live please only select programmes that you have recorded and subsequently watched or listened to the same day.

The same applies for any programme watched on a time delayed channel, such as ITV2 +1 or E4+1, as well as services such as BBC iPlayer. So long as the programme was originally broadcast before midnight, what time you watched the programme isn’t as important as the programme itself.

At this time, we are only monitoring the channels which are most likely to be available to as many panellists as possible. This doesn’t include channels such as Fox or Discovery as they are only available to a select portion of people.

We randomly select several (no more than three) programmes for you to comment upon, which may mean that the programme(s) you wanted to talk about may not always come up in your daily survey, and you may not always have the chance to comment on those that do. We also have a range of questions you may be asked, each of which is randomly selected.

The reason we only ask extra questions about three programmes is that we do not want to make the survey too long and repetitive for participants.

Which programmes get the extra questions is randomly assigned per person. So the programmes you watched that you didn’t get extra questions on, will still get comments from other people who watched. Overall this system allows a representative view of each programme without burdening participants with too many questions. 


Please click here to see the Prize Draw Winners / Points Prize Draw Winners.

Winners are updated every week.

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